Sustainability Commitment

We’ve turned our passion into our livelihood, which is taking people into the wilderness and guiding them through the very space we love and care about. We do this because we want to share this experience, to let people sense the call of the wild and have an experience of a lifetime. We also do this to, hopefully, educate people and make them feel the importance of having vast and unspoiled wilderness. And thus why it needs to be respected and to be preserved from damaging and polluting impacts. Human impacts… And what we can do to minimize these. Even back home, as all is connected, so your personal everyday behavior influences and plays a role too.

That said, we understand that there is no way around it that as a business we contribute to a negative environmental impact: a lot of things in some way pollute or generate waste.

However we take pride in doing a serious effort to minimize our impact upon health and welfare of the environment and people alike. Whenever and wherever reasonably practicable, Wildtrack Expeditions applies the following standards:


  • Use of locally produced products;
  • Use of organic products;
  • Use of meat and other animal products from animals treated more humanely;
  • Always taking the alternative with the least amount of plastic packaging.

Equipment & clothing

  • Canada or US made products always favors products from overseas;
  • Products from companies that make an effort to reduce ecological impact with production of goods. For example companies that make use of sustainable textile production with bluesign;
  • Whenever animal products are used, these need to be ethically sourced (for example merino wool or down);
  • Whenever it is a good alternative we purchase used products, because this is a good way to to limit landfill and to prevent the use of new recourses. A good example of this is some rental equipment and clothing we have.

These might all seem small contributions, but that’s where it starts. And it is quite simply – try it yourself!