Imagine, roaming through the endless wilderness for days without seeing other human beings, with everything you need in your backpack. Plain, simple, beautiful. Experience this feeling during our guided wilderness backpacking trips, and sense the call of the wild.

Stunning views, wide open spaces, beautiful mountains and pristine lakes, where you can try to catch your own meal for the day, swim in or just gaze at while you disappear into your own thoughts. Breakfast and dinner around the campfire and sleeping under billions of stars…

We focus on small groups, because we believe that traveling in small groups will provide a maximum experience and will leave a minimum impact. There is a variety of trips, to suit different experience and fitness levels.

Trekking into the wild requires knowledge and understanding of this very terrain, combined with the skills and experience to safely and enjoyably find your way. In an area covering thousands of square kilometers, many times there are no man made roads, trails or signs. This is where you explore your own way, helped by the only possible trails available, made by animals: the wildtracks.

Along the way you can learn about edible plants and berries, what natural materials are good to make fire with and where to find these, about good spots to see wildlife, how to choose your camp sites, basic meteorology and, very important, how to navigate through this vast landscape, both with and without compass and modern tools. These basic skills will help you to safely travel through the wilderness yourself the next time.

Only 3 things are required: a good physical condition, some good basic equipment and a positive mindset.



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